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List of Food Processing Machines

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Gyoza(Shaomai)Robot Gyoza(Shaomai)Robot

Putting the pastry on the turntable by hand, the Gyoza robot automatically deposits the stuffing and wraps them, and finally delivers them onto the conveyer.

Dim Sum Master Dim Sum Master

Dim sum master is able to produce various shapes of Dim Sum and Har-Kao (Har-Gau) by change of the forming attachment. The size of dim sum also can be changed with replacement of the forming roller on the forming attachment. 

Crepe machine Crepe machine

It is able to bake up 900-2,700 sheets /drum / hour. The crepe machines are designed so that it can bake soft and beautiful patterned-crepe and can provide delicious taste to you.

Gyoza machine Gyoza machine

The Gyoza (dumpling) machine automates a series of processes such as the pastry wrapper punching, stuffing, forming into the gyoza dumpling with beautiful pleats, and delivery onto the conveyer.

Shaomai machine Shaomai machine

Daiei’s shaomai machine automates a series of processes such as the pastry wrapper making, filling, forming into Shaomai, and delivery onto the conveyer. And the shaomai machine enables you to form the beautiful and tasty and handmade-like Shaomai.

Wonton machine Wonton machine

The wonton machines are able to fill either dried stuffing or flesh stuffing to respond to application for Cup-dried Wonton and Chilled Wonton. All model of Daiei’s wonton machine can be used in connection with dough pastry machine.

Paozu machine Paozu machine

The Paozu machine automates a series of processed such as the pastry wrapper forming, filling, forming into Paozu or Shoronpo, and delivery onto conveyer.

Egg Roll machine Egg Roll machine

Daiei Engineering Co., Ltd. has created the egg roll machines which automate a series of processes including the pastry forming, filling, wrapping and delivery onto the conveyer, by concentrating the Daiei’s accumulated technology.

Spring roll pastry machine Spring roll pastry machine

Daiei Engineering Co., Ltd. has succeeded in baking 0.4 mm thick and uniform pastry continuously. The pastry is mainly used for making Spring Roll and for similar products like samosa in the world.

Shrimp Wonton machine Shrimp Wonton machine

Shrimp Wonton Machine is able to fill minced meats and whole shrimp, and is able to automatically produce meat wonton or shrimp wonton whose shape is very unique and just hand-made like.


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